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 Juizie is a new lifestyle sex brand aimed aimed at mainstream singles and couples who want to get more out of life, love and sex, but are not sure where to look for great, concise and practical advice on the matter… well you have arrived in the right place, welcome to Juizie!

Juizie is the brainchild of Jenni Smallshaw and Katrine Berling, tantric sexologists who have been studying with many global experts in the fields of tantra, sexology, relationships, love and energy.

Juizie will bring much of this knowledge to you through these experts, but in a format that works for you.  The reality is that many people do want access to better sex lives and to expand their orgasmic potential, but they do not necessarily want to get naked in workshops and they do not have time to devote their entire annual holiday to doing this either!  The good news is that we have done this so that you don’t have to… unless you decide you want to, of course!

So Juizie is developing a new series of fun, interactive learning courses you can take in your own time in the privacy and comfort of your own home. They will condense what we have learnt to bring you the real gems of this teaching in the shortest time.  We will give you tips and shortcuts on what we know works, how you can get into your feminine or masculine energy more, what sex toys work best, how you can reinvigorate your relationship or attract the type of partner you are really looking for in life.

We will also be running our own workshops and recommending other workshops and courses to you – but we will never recommend a course or practitioner we have not tried out ourselves. Private lessons.

The reality of life is that until we really embrace our sexual energy, our life force, we are not really living, at least not to our fullest potential.  By tapping into the greatest gift we have been given, not only will you improve your relationships and your sex life, you will improve all aspects of your life.  That may sound incredible, but this really is the fastest path to transformation of any aspect of your life you are stuck with.  And just in case you’ve read this far and are wondering, we should add that the one thing that makes this possible is accessing our infinite capacity to love.

The journey starts here.  And it starts with you, even if you are already in a relationship.  Give us one hour a week of your time and your enjoyment of life can change beyond your wildest dreams.  Please join us by signing up for our newsletter now.  We look forward to embarking on a journey of sensuality, enrichment and pleasure with you.


We’re in development right now, but we’ll be up and running soon.

Juizer Love – Juizier Sex – Juizier Life